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Senior Services

Seniors are the backbone of any community. Their well-being is essential for the longevity of the

cultural infrastructure. At H4U we provide services such as:

  • How to prevent illnesses affecting seniors such as Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis, High Blood Pressure, how to recognize signs of a Stroke etc.
  • Encouraging regular doctor’s visits
  • Engaging SME’s to discuss Wills and legal matters
  • Computer literacy
  • Physical activities

Let’s Talk Series for Seniors

The purpose of these series of talks are to:

  • Encourage and support activities, events and programs that promote education and learning
  • Raise awareness about the issue relating to seniors and inform them of about available resource
  • Encourage and support activities, events and programs that embrace seniors as volunteer

1)    Aging Strong-  February 24, 2022

Presenter Dr. Jacqueline Goulbourne (Gerontologist)


To encourage Seniors to live with dignity, purpose and vitality


–       Seniors will feel valued and useful

–       Seniors will embrace these steps of life and make the best of it

2)    Dementia 101-    March 31, 2022

This seminar will be led by a representative of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto


The seminar will provide-

·      An overview of dementia and related illnesses.

·       Ways to improve and maintain the health of the brain.


Becoming better informed about a potential disease that could affect them and to be proactive in preventing or reducing its impact.

3)    With a Doc         (April 29, 2022)

Presenter Dr. Irene Hwang (Family Physician)


–       To help seniors become comfortable in talking with their health care providers


–       Seniors will be aware of questions when seeing a doctor

–       Seniors will be empowered to have a say in their health care

–       Seniors will be educated on taking medication

4)   Grand parenting – May 26, 2022

This seminar will be offered by Pastors Alvin & Lena Nicholson well-seasoned and model grandparent in the community.


·      Appreciate the significant role they can play in the life of the young generation

·      Help seniors to know how to relate and communicate with the children/youths

·      Motivate seniors to become a mentor for a young person or volunteer to work with children/youth


The seniors will be provided tools to be able to relate with confidence with the younger generation

There will be an interest by those in attendance to have training in becoming a mentor or volunteer in a local school. 

5)    Wills/ Power of Attorney – June 30, 2022

      Presenter: Merilyn Chambers (Lawyer)      


To encourage seniors to be proactive in planning for the inevitable of life – illness and death.


–       Seniors will be led to appointing a power of attorney

–       Seniors will make a will or update one of necessary

6)    Preplanning Funeral Arrangement – July 28, 2022

Presenter: Leann Jones (Funeral Director)


To encourage seniors to make preplan arrangements


Seniors will work with their family members about their plan/ prearrange their funeral like favorite hymn and scripture, place of burial.

7)    Bone HealthAugust 25, 2022

The seminar will be led by a representative from the Osteoporosis Canada


The seminar will provide information on-

·      What is osteoporosis, how it is diagnosed and treated

·      What you can do to maintain healthy bones

·      How to live well with osteoporosis


The expected attendance will be about 20 with seniors with the expected outcome that they will be equipped to know how to have optimal health even as they get older.

8)    Making Sense of Money – September 29, 2022

  This seminar will be provided by a representative of Consumer Protection Ontario


This seminar is to –

·      Help seniors to be good stewards of their resources, to budget, spend and save their money wisely

·      Provide information to prevent being victims of scams and identity theft


The seniors will leave with tools to better manage their money and be more alert to protect their limited assets.

The seniors who do not have a monthly budget will be helped to set one up

The seniors will be provided with cost saving tips in grocery shopping.

9)      Elder Abuse – October 28, 2022

This seminar will be provided by a representative from Elder Abuse Ontario


·      Help seniors identify signs and types of abuse

·      now what to do when abuse or when abuse is observed/suspected


The attendees will become more sensitive to identifying potential elder abuse

The attendees will be more confident and willing to address elder abuse when it is seen

The attendees will have increased knowledge of community resources related to elder abuse and where to find help.